Inspired by the Athenian beauty and history

Welcome to ‘2mazi Suites’, where the heart of Athens bits. In the historic neighborhood of Plaka, where the life of modern city and the basis of world culture and history is located. Where the bright sun enlightened the world with ideas and ideals.

Walk under the shade the Acropolis, in the very same straits that thousands of years ago, the most important people in history walked.


Something new on a classical base

After a complete renovation, ‘2mazi Suites’ will combine your stay in a lovely late-neoclassical building – which consists of three luxurious suites that surely will impress you – by becoming part of the life of Athens.

It’s about an experience in a city that culture flourishes in every corner.


Absolute gastronomic experience

We can definitely say that we are the most private suites in Athens!

The entrance to our suites, “hidden” under the foliage of trees in the courtyard of 2mazi Restaurant, will literally enchant you.

2mazi luxurious accommodation along with the food served in the courtyard of the neoclassical building, is the ideal combination for a truly memorable experience.

Hot lunch and scented coffee in the green courtyard of 2mazi Restaurant await you as soon as you wake up! This is really a privilege!


Giving life to a unique building

From the serenity of the courtyard, passing the threshold of 2mazi Suites, you will be captivated by the sense of construction, classical elegance with modern comfort and aesthetics. The plaster paintings on the ceilings of the building which is from the 1915’s era, will give you exactly the luxurious feel that describes the whole experience of staying in our suites.


Urban luxury

2mazi suites are housed in a late-neoclassical building. It is the architecture that adorns the historic center of Athens with magnificent buildings that stand with respect among the ancient monuments of Greek history.

These buildings stand out for their architectural structure and their beautiful facades, as well as the special aesthetics in the interiors.


Why book direct

Book now to start your experience in 2mazi Suites.

As 2mazi Suites enters its new era, a series of services and amenities are now available for its new “Athenian” guests to enjoy. Upgraded services, and above all, simple and easy direct booking through our website.

2mazi Suites’ people will help you through all the details of your reservation, inform you about distances and transfers to and from the hotel.


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